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Make local your focal.

Wyoming is known for its meat and agriculture, but there’s an entire ranching and farm-to-table lifestyle that consumers are eager for. Wyoming Business Council was tasked with developing a platform to connect Wyoming food and beverage producers with local, regional, national, and international buyers. We knew exactly what kind of brand sauce would set this brand apart—local, artisan, and so delicious.

With the purpose of diminishing the conventional feel associated with government, we envisioned the Wyoming Table brand to possess standalone strength. Our aim was to showcase the abundant offerings of Wyoming so we developed the name, tagline, dynamic logo, and brand language to encompass all food and beverages. The final brand identity strikes a balance between trendy visual appeal and aligning with the organization’s brand standards and colors. The most delicious food and beverages begin at Wyoming farms and ranches, and Wyoming Table represents that.

Wyoming Table

Wyoming Table
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