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Campaign with an impact

We love a campaign that has a deep, impactful purpose, and helping Wyoming residents quit an addiction to tobacco is one of those. The right branding can enhance someone’s experience when making a major life decision, so our first step was to rebrand the program. We first focused on simplifying the name and logo with imagery that quickly conveys quitting and confidence as well as developing a brand system with easily-distinguishable imagery, color palette, and messaging.

With this foundation, we not only developed an integrated mass, digital, and POP campaign but also productized the brand in Quit Kits—a quit-program-in-a-box that could be on display at doctor offices and health clinics across the state. Boots-on-the-ground support in communities across the state educated providers that their referrals matter, ultimately creating a multi-prong approach for lowering tobacco use in Wyoming.

Wyoming Quit Tobacco

Wyoming Quit Tobacco
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