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Lasting impressions through experiential marketing

In today's world, people are looking for authentic connections with brands. They want more than just what's on their phones; they want to be part of something bigger and memorable. This is where the power of experiential marketing truly shines. We helped establish the fun, personality-driven WyoLotto brand, but we didn't stop there. We’ve also helped bring their unique identity to life through experiential marketing—from immersive Powerball attractions to halftime shows and exciting raffles.

These events have engaged with fans in unique ways. For football and basketball, we teamed up with WyoLotto to bring lottery games to life with ball suits, stick horse races, and obstacle courses. The WyoLotto van, with a spin-to-win feature and eye-catching sandwich boards, brings excitement to tailgating events and fairs. Press events have been a way to engage, too. For example, the KENO launch event included script writing, catering, and videos showcased on an LED backdrop. And the Lucky for Life launch captivated the audience with enticing prizes like a trip to Ireland and a car.

Through carefully crafted experiences, WyoLotto engages existing and new fans, drawing them in with those memorable moments.

Wyoming Lottery

Wyoming Lottery
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