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The smallest state, going big

Wyoming may be the smallest state by population but that doesn’t mean we think small. When the state decided to launch a lottery in 2014, they tapped Warehouse 21 to be their brand and campaign agency and we set out to create an industry-leading, award-winning brand.

Our work started with the overall name, tagline, and logo development, and has since included every game in their portfolio as well as a recent brand refresh with a website upgrade. Perhaps our favorite element was the Jackpotalope icon named Yolo, inspired by Wyoming folklore of the mythical jackalope.

Whether it was creating the game identity from the ground up for Wyoming-only products (Cowboy Draw, Ragtime Raffle), wrapping unique identities around games that came with only a name or logo (2by2, Lucky for Life, KENO), or giving some extra character to national brands (Powerball, Mega Millions), our goal was to create a portfolio that stood out. And just maybe we accomplished that.


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