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Tucked in the southeastern corner of the state and known for being your last stop before you cross into Utah, Evanston, WY is the perfect small town for a weekend retreat. From fishing to horse racing, downtown festivals to outdoor adventure sports, Evanston has more to offer than most people think.

We sent the Warehouse 21 video and photo team to capture Evanston in an authentic way that we could turn into videos and brochures that highlight the town.

So much of the small town’s appeal is infused with touches of classic and historical details—we wanted to celebrate those in a lightly-nostalgic way. Aligning with today’s culture and their desired visitors, it’s less about history lessons and more about throwbacks to simple things done well, with little pops of character. So the next time you’re driving I-80, stop in Evanston and take a shot (polaroid, or otherwise) for us!

Visit Evanston

Visit Evanston
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