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A new image for medical imaging

Lenovo’s hardware and services power OEM Solutions in many industries, and RSNA is a prime opportunity to demonstrate their innovations in healthcare. With key demos throughout and a dedicated area for presentations from industry experts, this booth was designed to showcase Lenovo’s thought leadership.

Working with a 20x30 footprint, we expanded Lenovo’s physical presence in several ways. First, we developed a full range of collateral, social media and email executions, and sales enablement materials that could be used before, during, and after the show. Second, we created a visual presence in all of Lenovo’s partner booths by providing “powered by Lenovo” content and materials to display alongside additional solutions they were highlighting.

And third, we planned and executed an exclusive, off-site customer event. Enabling deeper connections with customers, W21 supported this effort with site-selection, logistics coordination, and on-site signage and giveaways.


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