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You would never…right?

A few drops of rat poison with your sprinkle donut? Some gasoline in your Coke, or maybe motor oil on your pancakes? How about a little chemical cleaning powder shaken on your spaghetti and meatballs? No big deal, right?

People have a visceral reaction to the idea of ingesting small amounts of these chemicals, but not to the ones in every breath of secondhand smoke—we wanted to change that. Trying a different approach than dark and dreary, we developed a bright, sticky campaign with an impactful twist, creating a new association of harm with secondhand smoke.

Executed on mass and digital channels with an experiential installation at the state fair, this campaign focused on educating individuals to think differently the next time they were exposed to secondhand smoke, and make their own informed decisions.

No Amount is Okay

No Amount is Okay
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