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Not your status quo experience

To create an immersive booth experience, we aimed to highlight the innovative journeys of two architecture and engineering companies that partner with Lenovo and utilize their cutting-edge products. Our vision for this booth's design was to capture the essence of the industry, incorporating unique textures and walls while maintaining an inviting and open concept. Consistent lighting was carefully integrated to enhance the overall ambiance and reflect the brand. To wrap this experience in a red bow, we streamlined the booth and marketing efforts with a focus on action and innovation.

Lenovo always presents a multitude of demos—ensuring a seamless display, fitting everything in, and setting priorities can be quite the mountain to overcome. Our solution? We optimized the space, carefully selecting and featuring demos and products in a compact space. Among the highlights were an AI demonstration, case studies featuring renowned brands like Coca-Cola, and a virtual reality experience. During the event, an exciting unveiling occurred. To highlight the product, we showcased it on a spinning pedestal atop a plexiglass dome illuminated by a red box light. The booth and event were enhanced with swag and collateral, including event shirts for the Lenovo sales staff.

Lenovo AU 2018

Lenovo AU 2018
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