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A beautiful store for a beautiful soul

We’ve heard the world tell us to leave a legacy, but Payton taught us something different: live your legacy. Leaving our world too soon, this young wild child inspired those closest to her to honor her truest spirit and bring something different to her small town.

Inspired by stories and photos, we created the logo by zooming in on a single image of her thumbprint. We then used the logo to create a secondary mark, representing the cycles of the moon and the cycle of life. It may break some traditional rules—but Payton wasn’t standard, so why should her logo be?

After building the full brand, we brought it to life by designing and installing the entire store. Every element had meaning, purpose, and thoughtfulness, from the custom cash wrap inspired by Payton’s fingerprint to the pegboards designed for the flexibility and creativity of those that loved her deeply. There is no question that our work with Legacy will be a forever highlight for Warehouse 21.

Legacy Brand Collective

Legacy Brand Collective
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