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That time we spent a week in prison…

It’s a role not many people understand in communities in nowhere-ville Wyoming, but the Wyoming Department of Corrections had a lot of positions to fill and needed to do so, fast. Our challenge was to build a campaign that overcame stigmas and assumptions to find the right people for the job.

Interviewing the people who fill these roles currently, we found the keys to reach the desired audience. This is the perfect role for career-minded individuals who see the benefits in early retirement and value work/life balance. They love excitement, training, and breaking down the stereotypes to help serve inmates in the rehabilitation process.

Through digital, mass, and experiential channels, we used compelling storytelling and strong photography to shine a light on the human aspect of this role. To see several of these tough, no-bullshit people get emotional when watching the final video and have one say “You guys get it,” felt like a job well-done.

Correctional Officer Recruitment

Correctional Officer Recruitment
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