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Show, don’t tell

Lenovo builds powerhouse workstations that industry leaders in visual effects, product design, and architecture use to design the future of our world. Partnering with innovative companies, Lenovo hardware makes their visions possible, and that’s the brand story we wanted to tell. Except the best way to tell this story was not tell it at all.

With limited copy, Warehouse 21 presented Lenovo’s brand story in a way that visitors could see, touch, and experience. Leveraging tech implementations like projection mapping, 3D-printed walls made of recycled plastics, AR and VR demos, and more, we brought this brand to life.

And while many innovations were on the show floor, several key advancements in Lenovo’s overall event strategy happened behind the scenes. This was not only the first full implementation of the new worldwide brand standards for the workstations team, but also their first booth structure intentionally created to scale up and down for various trade show footprints throughout the year.


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