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Always forward.

Warehouse 21 is a marketing and event firm that specializes in branding, advertising campaigns, and experiential executions. We were born to inspire and nurture brands to become something bigger, smarter, and more badass than they thought was possible.


A place of intention.

In addition to our people, our place matters. We’re inspired by the aesthetic and purpose of new builds next to architectural  reuse, and intentionally built our office and manufacturing  center in the West Edge of Cheyenne, a part of downtown in  need of new life and revitalization.



We will resist being safe. We will have the courage to push for something greater than was believed possible.

Go Big


We care about our people and work space as if it is our lifeline. Because, it is.

People & Place


We will carefully select the projects we take, so that everything we do has our time and passion to do it at the next level.

Pour the Top Shelf


We realize that life is short, so make a list for yourself and get things done while you can! Work and life are a balance.

Leave it on the Planet


We will focus on the “should be” not the “is” — we won’t be tied to how we did something yesterday.

Should Be


We will help our employees, our clients, and our families, reach their full potential. Always moving forward.



We won’t take ourselves too seriously. We will keep our sense of humor and humility. Laugh, joke, smile, and bbq!

Sandals Allowed


We all have a responsibility to our community and giving back by participating in what we believe in.

Get in the Game



Dave Teubner

Chief Executive Officer & Owner

Dave is our founder and CEO. He is a bold individual and drives us with a passion that makes our biggest ideas become reality. His naturally strategic mind with creative follow-through has scaled Warehouse into what it is today.

Pamela Downing

Chief Operations Officer

Pamela is our COO and guiding light. Her problem solving abilities keep us a competitive contender in the agency world. She keeps every aspect of Warehouse on track in one of the toughest jobs in any industry.

Aaron Colbert

Operations Director

Aaron's continuously working behind the scenes to keep up with our traffic and revenue forecasts. He's involved in every step along the way from business development to accounting to make sure we're turning out projects and that we stay ever ready for the next one!

Hayley Laban

Managing Creative Director

Hayley is our lead creative. She’s grown up with Warehouse and is gifted in merging creative and strategic solutions. She’s a creative unicorn and can manage, design, and concept anything from logos to websites to campaigns and anything in-between.

Brooklyn Schacht

Brand Strategy Director

Brooklyn leads brand strategy for all Warehouse clients. She truly is a master of her craft, learning everything she can about a client and their brand as she guides them in marketing strategies to achieve business objectives.

Brandon McClarnon

Event Director

Brandon believes anything is possible. If you can dream it, he can build it. He is a tradeshow savant with big ambitions. From CAD renderings to table saws, Brandon gets any job done to the highest of standards.

Kaitlyn Yopp

Planning Director

Kaitlyn, or just “Yopp” plans every aspect of a project, from discovery to execution and anything in between. She leads the charge in strategy setting with vast amounts of research in audience profiling, goal setting, and content development.

Nathan Potter

Digital & Media Director

As our digital and media director, Nathan knows the ins and outs of getting your brand out in the digital world in the best way possible by the best means possible. His experience and connections create media placements that yield undeniable results.

Keith Forney

Photo & Video Production Director

Keith’s photography skills bring a unique style that’s all his own. His love of film translates brilliantly into his video work and he can produce a shoot like a four star general. With live production and motion graphics in his arsenal, there isn’t much this guy can’t do.

Evan Stremke

Associate Creative Director

From the big picture down to the individual pixel, Evan’s strategic mindset and systematic design methods ensure each element of a brand identity, marketing campaign or in-person activation is on-brief and highly effective.

Haleigh Graham

Senior Project Manager

Haleigh helps keep the wheels turning here at the Warehouse. She manages her clients with strength and ease, making sure to exceed all of their expectations and help us deliver top shelf work.

Bart Henyan

Brand Strategist

As a nimble brand strategist, Bart immerses himself in all of our client’s brands, learning the ins and outs of where they currently are, and where they need to be. He upholds all brand standards and makes sure they’re executed with pin point accuracy.

Andrea Tompkins

Media Manager

Andrea is ready to take on all media wants, needs, and nightmares. Her vast network of contacts and vendors allow her to tackle anything from digital to traditional media. Wherever you want your brand to show up, Andrea will make it happen.

Gaby Kuethe

Senior Project Manager

Gaby (Keith-ee) is a strong and agile project manager. She is an organized and versatile direct line of communication for our clients, making sure all of their needs are met and their questions answered.

Jase Thulin

Senior Production Manager

Jase is our production manager extraordinaire. A greater eye for quality does not exist. He’s an artist and a craftsman making sure every physical thing we produce is top notch whether it’s managing production partners or doing it himself.

Garrett Kirk

Event Manager

Garrett knows everything there is to know about managing a tradeshow. From handling communications with the venue, organizing a show manifest, shipping, set up and tear down, he’s our resident Renaissance man.

Kelley Martin

Agency Administrator

As our agency administrator, Kelley wears multiple hats making her the go-to Warehouse employee for anything from benefits to payroll. She makes sure we all see the fruits of our hard labor.

Myles Mendoza

Senior Graphic Designer

Myles is our design Jedi. His breadth of work is any designers dream from Disney, to Marvel, to Nickelodeon. He’s also an illustrator and a fine artist, bringing that extra special sauce that makes the creative at Warehouse so unique.

Lex Applin

Assistant Account Planner

In a world where words, designs, and results are flying in every direction, Lex catches them, organizes them, and helps guide where they need to go. She eats, sleeps, and breathes great strategies—and always eager to get them into the right hands.

Chloe Baker

Marketing Coordinator

As our marketing coordinator, Chloe has her hands in every part of the organization, providing support and knowledge with everything she touches. Her background and love for inspiring people helps us bring fresh ideas to any project.

Tyler McClarnon

Experiential Specialist

Tyler is our boots on the ground Experiential Specialist. From construction to install, assembly and hardware, he is hands on in making all of our experiential visions a reality.

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