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Curious minds wanted…

…No imagination left behind. The younger generations are the architects of our future and they deserve inspiration that sparks their curiosity and imagination. The Children's Museum is situated at the West Edge of Cheyenne, an area that ignites our passion and anticipation of the revitalization for the surrounding neighborhoods. It serves as a central hub for the community, and we wanted to establish a branding that resonates with both children and adults alike.

While we ultimately landed on a straightforward name because of the equity it provided, we did explore a variety of options and logos with our client, some of which were so loved that we worked them into the brand elements and just might be spotted as names for upcoming exhibits. We developed a brand book, swag and merchandise, a website to support fundraising and initial phases, stationary package, and social media profiles.

We’re proud of imagining this brand to life, because it serves as a catalyst for our community.

Cheyenne Children's Museum

Cheyenne Children's Museum
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