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Powering what’s next

Providing industry leading hardware and services, Lenovo OEM Solutions collaborates with companies all over the world to power innovation. With tremendous success, this division was growing exponentially and needed to train a global salesforce on their way to $1 billion in sales.

Ready to help, Warehouse 21 developed the division’s first-ever global sales event, including naming it (Powered By) and building an event identity for annual executions. We started building the program, registration platform, a mini-campaign to inform the team, and onsite execution plans. Then COVID hit. Like the rest of the world, we had to pivot.

Uniquely positioned to adapt in this scenario, the W21 team quickly built a physical set to execute a live, virtual broadcast across 4 continents. Repurposing many assets that we’d created, the first annual Powered By was such a success that other Lenovo divisions began exploring how they could do the same.

Lenovo Powered By

Lenovo Powered By
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