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Warehouse 21 is looking for an Associate Creative Director. For us, this represents someone that is creative, but also has a mind for strategy. Someone who can conceptualize amazing brands, campaigns, and event structures but isn’t above reaching downstream in production work to bring their vision to life. The ACD will report to the Creative Director and work alongside her to bring visions to life, while being provided the opportunity to lead their own projects conceptually as they manage their own project teams. A graphic design background is a must because design is a large portion of our day-to-day work. Close to 60% of this job will require graphic design skills through manifesting concepts, art direction, revisions, and even setting files up for production. While in most instances our project leads have design help to bring a concept through to production, there are instances where they are seeing their vision through from end-to-end. The ACD will often find themselves getting into art direction for their own concepts. So to put it simply, we aren’t looking for a Don Draper. We’re looking for a humble, creative individual that understands what it takes to get a project done and participates in every aspect of the process.

Warehouse 21 is a brand, campaign, and event firm located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Experience in all three of these areas is highly desired, and a portfolio showcasing that range of work will definitely put the candidate at the top of our list—but above all, we are looking for a good cultural fit. Because of our range of work, we also have multiple departmental teams that the position will be working with on a daily basis. We need someone who respects the roles of project  managers, brand managers, campaign planners, and who collaborates well with writers, media, and production teams. Our process is unique to us and it has been carefully crafted and refined into a key ingredient that makes up the Warehouse special sauce. It keeps our projects on time and on budget while giving our employees a healthy work/life balance. We are looking for someone willing to embrace that process, not change it. We are looking for someone who will love and respect their teammates and clients, not rage against them; someone with high character who sees the glass half full and enjoys working and collaborating with others.

Warehouse 21 offers a hybrid work environment with a physical office space in Cheyenne, Wyoming that employees are welcome to use at any time and/or we also have a number of employees working remotely from wherever they are in the country.


  • 6+ years of agency/creative experience required

  • Expert level experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

  • Strong design background, knowledge of creative trends, ability to communicate aesthetic choices, and design best practices required

  • Exceptional organizational skills required

  • Experience in crafting campaigns required

  • Experience in building brands required

  • Experience in concepting/designing trade show booths is a plus

  • Experience in video board sketching/script writing/video directing strongly preferred

  • Illustration/drawing skills are a plus

  • Knowledge of Wix, WordPress, and MailChimp are a plus

  • Must provide a portfolio of work that displays the qualifications listed above. Submissions without a portfolio WILL NOT be considered.

We’re looking for someone. . .

  • that loves the creative process, enjoys branding, campaign concepting, and crafting experiences, all while being organized and good at managing others and clients.

  • that loves hunting for the big idea, but also enjoys design.

  • that can set visual tone with a well-crafted moodboard, but isn’t above getting into the thick of things and designing downstream.

  • that at times, can write a TV script and sketch a storyboard, even help direct said video.

  • that can collaborate with motion graphic artists and provide direction and files that make it easier for them to do their job.

  • that can cross collaborate with different departments such as media and production to make sure that creative executions are within budget.

In this role . . .

  • you will be reporting to and working alongside the creative director, but you will have the freedom to creatively lead your own projects and work with your own graphic designers/resources on certain projects.

  • you will be managing designers, working alongside our strategy team, communicating with copywriters, and presenting to internal teams and clients to clearly communicate concept, art direction, and design choices.

  • you will participate in finding the big idea, big campaign concepting, developing concept sketches, etc, while at times operating in a more traditional “art director” role as well, simply because we don’t fully delineate between the two.

  • you will be setting direction for a new brand, and designing the logo.

  • you will be giving strategic aesthetic direction for a campaign as well as conceptual, and you might also need to design a billboard and poster to help sell that direction to the client and give art directors and senior designers a jumping off point.

  • you will be managing designers (both employees and outsourced partners), providing direction, and giving feedback, all while staying extremely organized.

  • you will provide direction to set our resource designers up for success in distilling our vision across the project’s assets.

  • you will be a team player and reach down to help with smaller tasks like a social post or an email.

Remote Workspace: 

Warehouse asks that remote employees designate a workspace within their individual work location that is suitable for completing necessary duties. This position is best performed if the employee is available by phone, video, email, and chat during designated working times: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Mountain Time. The workspace and equipment should be appropriately safeguarded in order to protect confidential company and client information.

If hired, and planning to work remotely, we may ask the new employee to spend some time on site in Cheyenne, Wyoming for training within the first two months of employment. Occasional travel to Cheyenne, or to one of our client’s locations may be required depending on the project/campaign. There are also two mandatory (and fun) events held in Cheyenne each year.

If any of this resonates with you, if you feel that traditional titles and following the status quo of what it means to be a creative director are boring, we invite you to apply! Check out our website. If this is a place where you can see yourself making an impact, we’d love to hear from you. 

Please send your resume, portfolio and salary requirements to Please include “Creative Director” in the subject line.

Associate Creative Director

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